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HQ Winderset Liros Dyneema 100kp, 2x30m

HQ Winderset Liros Dyneema 100kp, 2x30m


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HQ Winderset Liros Dyneema 100kp, 2x30m

Winderset made of violett hi-tech lines from Liros / Hamburg. Top quality - made in Germany.

Their extremely thin, light-weight fibers with very little stretch make Dyneema the ideal lines for stunt kites. At the same weight, Dyneema fibers are much more tension resilient than steel. The minimum elongation of the material (less than 5%) ensures maximum control of the kite, while the very small line cross-section minimises air resistance. The surface of our Dyneema lines is very smooth, so that they will not block or even “saw through“ when turning in. The fiber is extremely resilient to abrasion, moisture, UV radiation and chemicals.

About HQ

Born on the shore of the North Sea, HQ4 are obsessed with making fun kites for people who are new to the sport or looking for something new to try. HQ4 has everything you need to get started, improve snowkiting, kite buggying & landboarding. We want everyone to be able to share our obsession with kite sports.