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Ozone Apex V2 Board

Ozone Apex V2 Board


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Ozone Apex V2 Board

The Apex V2 is the perfect addition to your set up. We all love summer kite foiling, but this board also doubles up as a pump foil board for dock start season, a tow board if you are lucky enough to need one or a wakefoil board. Best of all it is bombproof. 

From Ozone:

The Apex V2 is a super dynamic hydrofoil board with all the stiffness, response and compact shaping needed for today’s most progressive kite foilers. It also doubles as a one-board solution for dock start pumping and tow foiling adventures

  • Freeride kite hydrofoil board
  • Also ideal for dock start and tow foiling
  • Stiff and very responsive feel
  • Light weight, low volume
  • Ultra strong construction
  • All conditions and rider levels


Providing greater levels of response, the increased thickness and volume in the V2 model has also allowed for a lot of extra stiffness to be added, which is an essential part of a modern foilboard’s performance.

The outline has been updated and the nose rocker has also increased to improve forgiveness on touchdowns. The key development work in shaping was to ensure that stiffness throughout the board’s length was improved. The more responsive feel when pumping or carving is now apparent alongside the extra forgiveness under your front foot during manoeuvres.

The 125cm model is ideal for progressing intermediates but could also be used as a first kitefoil board by agile and experienced kite fliers. The 105cm design is for advanced kitefoilers who touchdown less frequently.


A new custom full carbon foil track has replaced the deck washer system. This stiff and secure connection allows for a generous range of mast positions, ensuring you find the perfect balance point for your style. The built in stiffness and strength provides a direct connection and control of the hydrofoil underfoot.


The increased nose rocker and relatively large surface area towards the front inspire a feeling of forgiveness when kitefoiling. Together, these make for easy take-offs and transitions.

Although thickness and volume have been increased, the Apex V2 remains very lightweight and is still considered a ‘low volume’ board. Therefore it can be easily positioned on its side for effortless strapless waterstarts.


The Apex V2’s slim, lightweight and bulletproof construction combines perfectly with its compact dimensions and impressive stiffness, making this an ideal one board solution for a range of foiling adventures.

Light enough to run with, the Apex V2 is also immediately stable and stiff under foot as soon as you press your weight down after a dock start. You can confidently throw everything into improving your skills as the robust construction can handle the accidental contact with the dock structures that inevitably happen in this discipline.

For tow foiling the excellent stiffness will give you a super direct connection with the foil, helping you to respond with foot pressure and stay ideally positioned on steepening, rolling swells.

Wakefoilers will find the twin-tip construction exactly to their liking, and will also benefit from the light weight design and improved stiffness.


The Apex features a large EVA deckpad with front and back arch bumps and a wide tail kick, providing comfortable grip and intuitive reference to foot placement. It can be ridden strapless or strapped with reinforced M6 inserts offering various stance options.


Inserts in the Apex V2 allow for a V foot strap set-up with three straps, two centred straps (which is also preferred by tow foilers) or there is also the option to run the front strap straight across the board.

Board straps and hardware are sold separately in two options: 3 x standard straps or 1 x standard strap and 1 x long strap.


The construction is very robust, delivering max feeling and performance while being tough for jumping and travelling. The high-density foam core is laminated with a hybrid carbon and fibreglass layup. Strong top and bottom sheets are combined with our advanced sidewall polymer to provide excellent impact resistance. The foil track is also a full carbon design.


– Very easy positioning in the water for waterstarts

– More forgiveness on touchdowns

– Lightweight handling combined with robust construction

– Super direct connection with the foil

– Immediate response to foot pressures and very efficient pumping

– Comfortable but with great grip underfoot

– Adaptability across different foiling disciplines


– Low volume design with added thickness for excellent ease-of-use

– High-density foam core with a hybrid carbon and fibreglass layup

– More buoyancy and rocker added into the nose section

– Careful carbon usage adds strength and saves weight

– Custom made full carbon foil track

– Strong inserts with lots of different foot strap stance options

About Ozone

Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress. Their development of their own manufacturing facility and bespoke design software together with their commitment to offering full product life cycles makes them stand out.