Infinity Surf SUP Range Break Down

Infinity Surf SUP Range Break Down

Infinity have been producing high end custom surfboards since 1970, and their eclectic range of watercraft  covers everything from Foil boards to Waveski’s and everything in-between. Dave Boehne is the man in charge of Infinity SUP and he has been surfing and SUP surfing to a very high level. Take a look at him shred.



Infinity started their journey into the World of Stand up Paddleboards with a surf shape and that has been one of their core areas ever since. The range has developed as more boards have been added to the line up. This can make choosing between their surf shapes potentially quite technical!

The boards do take a lot from each other and have a lot of crossover - we will try to highlight this and help you make the right decision. Some models are focused on all out performance, whilst others offer more of a compromise by giving up some performance for increased stability.

The Blurr V2

A never version of the original high performance surf sup, the Blurr, this is Infinity’s performance Shortboard SUP, designed for those who are pushing the limits of SUP surfing in the biggest and best conditions – Kai Lenny’s favourite Surf SUP should say it all. 

Tech wise, The Blurr V2 has more of a moderate traditional rocker than that of the B-Line or RNB, which makes for predictable transitions and speed.

 Watch Dave talking about the Blurr V2


See Kai Lenny shredding on the Blurr V2

Find out more about the Blurr V2

The Round Nose Blurr

One of the most popular surf sups ever! This is the board that will work well for a lot of different riders. With more generous sizing than that of the Blurr V2, the RnB is designed to maintain high performance but add in a little more stability than its little brother.

This board will allow shortboard performance while still offering great versatility in the smaller stuff. The design bridges the gap between a traditional shortboard style outline and wider stubby style shapes. This board allows riders to ride a shorter and narrower board while maintaining similar stability of a board 2-3" wider simply from the design of the outline.

 Watch Dave show you the Round Nose Blurr


Find out more about the RNB

The B-Line

This is probably the most performance oriented designed in the line-up and comes in the smallest sizes. It has the most rocker of the performance surf SUPs. An aggressive shortboard style paddleboard With a single concave, rear wing and jet tail back end – designed for high performance manoeuvres such as airs and floaters – coming in aggressive dimensions with lower volumes than those of the Blurr as well as more tip and tail rocker. This one is popular with tour riders who need to make the most of not always perfect conditions.

  Watch Dave on the Infinity B Line


Find out more about the Infinity B Line.                                                

The New Deal

The New Deal is a performance longboard shape with a thin rail and concave like a shortboard underneath. This is not a beginner board, but there are some pretty generous sizes. 

For anyone here who oozes longboarding style, this is the board for you. Don’t think it doesn’t have the performance though – this board isn’t a cruiser, it’s a performance-tuned shred machine. Have a watch of the video on the product page showing Infinity boss man Dave Boehne shredding on his favourite model.


Watch Dave talk about the New Deal


Find out more about The New Deal

The Wide Speed

The newest model in the range for 2022, designed to make riding waves easier all round. Its stable(Wide), fast (Speed) and perfect for the majority of UK conditions for those who want extra stability. This board should tick a tonne of boxes for our UK riders – an easy to ride board with performance that covers all of the most popular volume sizes. We think this is probably the right board for anyone looking for their first dedicated surf sup.

Watch Dave talk about the new Wide Speed

Find out more about the Wide Speed


To summarise, if you are looking for all out performance in a shortboard shape, check out the B Line and Blurr V2. For a longboard shape look at the New Deal. If stability if a priority then take a look at the RNB and Wide Speed. We hope this helps! If you need any more info then give us a call.

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